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Canadian Immigration in 2022: What can we Expect?


Canadian Immigration in 2022: What can we Expect?

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, in 2021 there were a few policy changes which in turn created considerable difficulty and delays in Canada’s immigration systems.

The candidates who’re already residing in Canada got benefitted with new immigration programs and policies in 2021 as the Canadian government wanted to make it easier for them to stay.

But, at the same time it caused difficulty for the applicants who were outside Canada. They were actually banned from consideration due to COVID-19 regulations in the country. However, now as we have just entered in the New Year 2022, many of us must be thinking about what can they expect in terms of Canadian immigration? So, here let’s just anticipate it for you.

In 2022, Canada is all set to welcome 411,000 new immigrants. In fact, there is already a backlog of 1.8 million applications including Canada Express Entry and Canada PNP programs. All these applications are awaiting to get processed since 2021.  So, we predict that 2022 is going to be a record-breaking year for Canadian immigration.

Changes to Expect in Canadian Immigration in 2022

Travel Restrictions May Get Smoothen –
Many travel restrictions were imposed for Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. But, in 2022 we can expect this situation to get better. However, this betterment or some less restrictions would help the newcomer flows recover. And this would ultimately give the economy a boost in Canada.

Changes in Canada Express Entry Draws for 2022 –
The Canada Express Entry drawings are however continued during the pandemic. But, these draws were considerably different from that of pre-pandemic trends in 2021. Before this pandemic hit, a Canada Express Entry lottery was held once in every two weeks where all the candidates from all Express Entry programs got considered.

But, this situation has been changed during COVID. Now, the Express Entry drawings invite only the provincial nominees from 15 September 2021. This is the case due to the current backlog of immigration petitions. Therefore, IRCC is not able to issue numerous numbers of Invitations to apply currently as there is a lack of capacity to handle the new files.

In fact, IRCC said that all the programs of Express Entry drawings will get restarted. But only after the backlog list will get decreased. However, here also they didn’t describe that how long this may take.

A Decrease in CRS Score –
It is not confirmed yet expected that the lowest CRS score might get decreased. This is because Canada is hopefully going to restart the CEC draws. However, during COVID-19, we have seen the lowest CRS being quite high. But, in 2022 we are expecting that it will decrease in 2022 so that they can meet the ITA targets.

New NOC Changes –
The NOC system for Canada applicants was received the most recent structural change in 2016. However, there were some modifications made in 2021 but there were scheduled to go into effect in 2022. It is so because the Canadian government wanted to provide the candidates an opportunity to learn more about the application procedure that is being revised.

However, the structure of the NOC got changed in three basic ways. These changes were introduced to make the application procedure more consistent, accurate, and versatile. That means, now the existing skill type categories NOC A, NOC B, NOC C, and NOC D will no longer be used to identify your expertise.

These changes are expected to have an impact on your application for Canada Express Entry. In fact, now a new TEER system has been introduced for checking the skills and expertise.

What are the Immigration Plans of Canadian Government for the years 2021 -2023?

Now talking about the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for the years 2021-2023, IRCC has an aim to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021. The number got increased in 2022 and now Canada is all set to welcome 411,000 immigrates in 2022. In the same manner, this number will be 421,000 in 2023 through Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan.That being said, each year the number of newcomers will get increased.

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